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Brief Summary

Kyle saved his essay and closed down his lap top.  He removed the glasses from his face and rested his chin on the knuckle of his index finger.  To the left of him he heard what he called “the wonderful sound of tumbling”.  His daughter had been playing beside him while he finished his work.  Kyle was recently divorced and has a daughter near the age of two.  He turned to stare at her in adoration, yet he couldn’t overcome the tiredness in his body. 

Kyle Reed was what a lot of women would consider handsome.  Caramel complexioned skin.  Dark brown eyes complimented by oval shaped eyes; they had a bit of oriental flare to them.  He was not a tall man, 5’4″ to be exact.  And his weight matched his height.  He always fluctuated between 135lbs and 150lbs, but he was very deep into exercise.  His body was toned with a frame that was near perfection, 40″ shoulder width and a 32″ waist.  He studied martial arts most of his life and in time learned to humble himself.  He never craved much attention for his “low key” demeanor spoke for itself.  But he very seldom backed down from a fight.  Only when he nearly killed one of his closest high school friends in the heat of anger did he learn to pull his punches.

Artistic in many respects Kyle was very gifted.  Published in several of middle and high school papers and magazines for his ability to articulate words with his own structure, he was also talented with a canvas and a paint brush.  He could draw whatever he saw and whatever was on his mind.  As a young child in elementary school, he was selected with amongst other gifted talents in high schools to have a portrait of his own creation showcased in the Detroit Institute of Arts Museum.  But as time passed and his character began to develop and he learned that the articulation of words could also be manipulative, he stuck to his roots as a writer.  He could woo anyone of the opposite sex just by knowing how to say what they wanted to hear.  He would write letters or get within speaking distance and get a female to buy anything he was tossing their way.

That’s where his talents as a chef kicked in.  Kyle’s mother would have people come from all over on the holidays just to sample her cooking.  It fascinated him as young child how a person could turn a mixture of ingredients into edible delights.  From scratch, just turning nothing into something.  And all of the food would look exactly like an advertisement for a fancy restaurant.  So from the age of eight Kyle studied cookbooks and recipes until he was a teenager and could practically make anything a persons heart desired in the kitchen.  Add that with the art of charm and intriguing dialogue, and he had a female coming to his house doing whatever he wanted when his parents weren’t around every other week . . .


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