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Inside, Kyle longed for companionship; he just wasn’t open to the idea of disappointment.  Being unattached was so much easier.  At thirteen his mother and father had finally called it quits on each other.  In his mind, with all that confusion, he didn’t want to start something in a family to have it split down the middle.  Nah, he’d “never” get married he thought.  No woman is ever going to get that close to his heart.  He’ll romance the hell out of them.  He’ll fulfill almost any sexual fantasy.  He’ll please them right out the door so that he could move on to the next one.  “I love you”, yeah right.  You wouldn’t hear him utter those words.  He would be as honest and straight up as anyone could be.  If you accept it fine, if you don’t well, that’s also fine. 


But then came Angel.  He had met her in a past life.  She was seven and he had just turned eight.  It was Halloween and his grandmother worked at a youth center. Every year there would be some sort of event to celebrate the holidays.  At this particular event he met his future bride unbeknownst to him.  Her family was in a costume contest.  She and her older sister were dressed as princesses.  Her oldest brother was a part of the haunted house staff in the basement of the youth center.  The second oldest boy was stamping his future as a trouble maker as he was out doing what he did best, causing mischief.  He was egging cars in the parking lot and the back windows of the center while the judges judged costumes.  Kyle was dressed as “Blackula” the vampire.  Apparently he must have been “cute”, uhh, he hated that word, but he won over all.  Angel was the first person to walk over and congratulate him.  He was struck by her beauty then. 

 From time to time they would run into each other when he would visit his grandmother, but the friendship was spiritual.  He would dream of her as an adult until they met again.  He had been out of high school almost a year and began college.  The Evolution And in his circle of friends, Angel was associated.  Never in his presence, but he had often heard of her.  They’d crossed each others paths at the mall.  They’d even spoken on the phone via three-way with one of his friends.  Never had it dawned on him that this was the same Angel.  Until conversations became personal and true contact became inevitable.  The first time he had seen her with clear eyes was when his best friend from high school brought her to a party Kyle’s mother was hosting in honor of his grandmother.  It was then he met the inner part of his circle.  She approached him the same way the woman of his dreams had.  She was beautiful.  Sandy brown skin, exotic Indian like features.  Light brown eyes so clear, you could almost peer into her soul.   Reddish brown hair flowing to her shoulders.  A petite figure perfectly curved.  And a walk that exhibited so much effortless grace.  And as Kyle soaked all of this in she embraced him as if they had been parted for so long and finally united.

They connected instantly.  Kyle felt something different within.  Oh shucks!  He fell in love.

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