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A relationship blossomed.  She was in the space he never wanted any other to inhabit but himself.  She was in his world.  They had dreams and aspirations alike.  They were best friends.  They were lovers.  They were young newly weds.  Kyle at the tender age of twenty and Angel a beautiful bride at nineteen.  All he ever wanted and worked for since then was to keep anything that could from penetrating their inner circle of love.  But at one point even Lois Lane walked out on Superman. Deep down, Kyle still struggles with his loss and is constantly reminded of Angel every time he dotes on his amazingly gorgeous daughter.

The best day of his life was the birth of Jaide.  His first child, created in love, a new life replacing the recent loss of his grandmother.  He always looked at it as if grandma was making room for the next generation.  That was his way of celebrating instead of wallowing in the mournful pain of her passing.  Jaide was born into the world a warrior.  She didn’t cry coming out of the womb.  Her eyes were wide open.  She was ready to face the life ahead.  The first image she saw was her daddy.  Pride kept Kyle’s chest swollen.  Hope kept him functioning.  He finally had a family.

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