Fan Mail

Trina,  Latonya,  D’Anthony, and Nita

Cats and Dogs

                 It has to be drawn out of some whereas others just wear it like a badge.  Well, for me, the inner “nigga” has been drawn out.  They say it only takes one woman, one mistake to turn a good man bad.  I don’t believe that at all.  I believe it makes a man more aware.  We as men learn what we are less willing to tolerate.  In essence, we learn how to play the game.  See, when a woman gets fed up, they write us off and give men a bad wrap.  We can’t live it down, being all the “dogs” and “bastards” a woman can think of.  But when a man is fed up, it holds almost no weight at all.  Where is our love?  Where are our anthem songs?  While you got millionaire diva’s “waiting to exhale” or “getting their groove back”, we got cross dressing brotha’s writing about “angry black women”.  I’m not hating at all, but now I see the truth.  We’ll never know what women want, but we know it’s the opposite of what they claim.  They want to do what they do without consequence for their actions.  We as men are supposed to bow and take it and wait for them to decide what is going to be.  Oh how things have changed with our watered down society.  It used to be we of color were oppressed by the “man”.  Now we as a whole are locked down by the “wo-man”.

                Don’t get me wrong brotha’s, by no means am I saying that we are punks.  But with all this independent woman b.s. and what have you, it’s just been a boom in the confidence market.  What can you do?  We can’t escape the label of being a dog, I accept it.  I am a dog.  All men are dogs.  We should embrace it.  No longer is it a debate about race but now breed.  Women are of a different breed.  A breed called cats.  Now, someone may read this and think I’m a bitter man.  No, I’m not bitter at all.  I’m a dog that has learned the difference.  I’ve learned the truth about cats and dogs.

                I understand the truth hurts, so ladies please keep your feelings in check when you read about yourselves.  But the truth is cats, just like women are fickle creatures.  They love when it is convenient but when they are tired they uproot and carry on.  They stay starved for affection, but they control the “love light”.  And just as they go they come as they please.  Women treat men as a cat would mice.  They hold us in their paws and torture us until we beg for death.  Cats are deviant creatures.  In their eyes you can see brutal honesty but seldom sincerity.  No longer can we call women bitches, they belong to another breed.

                Now dogs on the other hand.  Dogs are gullible creatures.  Cautious as to whom they let into their hearts, when a dog loves, they love for life.  You can scold a dog.  You can torture a dog.  But if a dog is down, he’s down for life.  A dog may stray, but he knows where home is.  A dog protects home.  Men, we share these traits.  We stay with the pack, good or bad.  Family oriented with an understanding of territory.  Dogs in essence, just don’t know when to leave a bad situation.  Nor do they learn to let go.  It’s really quite sad.

                We created the monster that is “wo-man”.  We’ve doomed generations of the seeds to follow to have to endure the struggles and oppression of relationships.  But like all cycles of time, women are starting to draw the inner nigga’ out of the brotha’s.  I share this with all men, mind you.  With all the craziness, we share the bond of brotherhood I think.  At least when it comes to this.  The tangled webs we must swat as these women weave.  I don’t like raising my voice, but ladies, you’re making me strain.


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