Neuralian Chronicles — Volume 1 — The Siede

Hope is reborn—through him.

Neuralian Cover

Neuralian Chronicles: The Siede

HOPE—from the beginning has always been a concept most cherished by mankind. At the dawn of time in the Age of Horizon hope resided in men created truly in the image of God. It was the essence that resided in them—that allowed them to connect in harmony with the earth. They were Neuralytes—they were gods. They lost their way. Deceived by the whispers of Jinn, whispers of the Devil, Tartarus—they lost their connection. Hope abandoned them for one, Pandora. She was meant to restore it to the gods through her offspring. Alas, she too was deceived and joined many tribes in giving birth to humanity. Hope was all but lost. Instead, hope became a grace to mankind choosing vessels throughout the centuries to guide them through periods of turmoil.

The gods never abandoned their attempts at the preservation of their kind. One line in particular would surpass the limits of all time. When humanity gave birth to the Neural it would be them they favored. Blood feuds ensued for the supremacy of the gods and their dominion over humanity. The Jinn manipulated them in the shadows in the vein of crushing hope and rising from the depths they’d come to embrace. The line of Gaia was most resilient to time. Continually sought to be eradicated they enchanted the line of Griggs to be protective of them in the time of need.
Anthony Mieko Griggs is a hapless dreamer. Uncertain of where his life would lead he’d overcome much adversity in the short life he’s led. With an abusive father and alcoholic mother his chances were slim during his childhood. As an adult he’d freed himself of their presence but not the harshness of their grasp on him. All he had was his fiancée, Audrey, and his dreams. It wouldn’t be long before destiny flips his already turbulent life on its axis. His dreams become more than subconscious fantasies when it becomes increasingly dangerous to sleep night after night. What’s more, he learns that his connection with his college professor is more than admiration when he begins to drift into the mind of the professor’s unborn child. He’s destined to protect this child by blood and because of what his little vessel houses—Hope.
Darker forces would stop at nothing to see this child never draw his first breath. While others bide their time to take from him what is more precious. Hope has been wielded in ways that have inspired greatness. But in the wrong hands it can be a most dangerous weapon. Anthony must come to terms with what he is bound to face to see that hope will thrive for mankind once again. Yet it will be a sacrifice more costly than he could ever imagine.
Mieko Siede has fought for survival from his mother’s womb. The sacrifice of his guardian allowed him the birth that had been doomed from his conception. His entire childhood he was haunted by unseen forces. He’d also been driven by forces unknown. His inner conflict will lead to a choice that will thrust the universe into collapse or be the salvation of all its infinity. The Devil would use him as a weapon to thrust the world into shadow and bring hell on earth. Satan would use him against the masses manipulating them as an emissary to his anti-Christ. And Lucifer would subdue him with the promise of his greatest desires. Mieko must learn the truth of his legacy—see the world in its truest depths—and face his destiny or risk the fates of all mankind. Can this seed of hope overcome the darkness that would consume him?
Or will he be undone by it?

Synopsis 2:

HOPE is reborn—through him…
Anthony Griggs is a dreamer bound to discover that the world behind his eyes is as much reality as when he is awake. Having survived an abusive childhood, escapism is all he had until his fiancée, Audrey, became his tether to the world. Unsure of himself he withdraws into the realm of his imagination. That is until he saves a coma patient in his dream. Anthony soon learns that the world isn’t as 3 dimensional as he once believed when the veil of reality is drawn before his eyes. The coma patient is a direct link to Anthony’s heritage and it befalls him to use his ability to protect an unborn child as darker forces seek to prevent his birth. The child is the new vessel for Hope and the world’s quiet salvation or its complete undoing. Anthony delves into a world of gods and entities…demons and Jinn learning the hidden mythologies of life. He must rediscover who he is and learn what sacrifices he’s willing to make. Will he choose Audrey for the life he’s dreamed of? Or will he choose the Hope of mankind?

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